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Financial risk management is one of the crucial steps in life. Equip yourself with the best solution that can be very handy in unexpected events. FUSE offers a full suite of solution from Property & Casualty Insurance, Life & Health Insurance, Micro-insurance and others for individuals, families and businesses.

General Insurance

Car Insurance

Say goodbye to unexpected expenses! Now with this type of insurance, protect your car from total loss and damages, up to every little stratch.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcyclist needs insurance! Coverage for personal accident, third-liability protection and natural disaster.

Property Insurance

Comprehensive cover for you! If your home is damaged, or your property including your belongings are destroyed by certain accidents, our property insurance will get you covered.

Travel Insurance

Peace of mind whenever you're travelling, covers healthcare needs, also optionally with baggage lost and other relevant protection.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Make health care more affordable and protect your customers from the financial loss of unexpected treatment and medical care bills. With FUSE, easily give them insurance plans tailored to meet their health care needs!

Critical Illness Insurance

Protect people’s accumulated wealth from significant medical expenses due to critical illness treatment.

Micro Insurance

Micro-insurance, also known as bite-size insurance. We work with some of the largest platform partners, such as e-commerce platform partners, across the region to provide protection products to their customers.

Moveable All Risk Insurance

Cover all risk for any loss and damage to the insured moveable property (gadget/electronics) due to accidental damage or act of crime and from any cause whilst contained within the policy.

Liability Insurance

Provides compensation for the insured from any injury/treatment/inpatient/allergy caused by the use/consumption of the insured.

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