We, Fuse Online Company Limited and our partner companies ("We" or "Us"), highly value and respect your privacy. This privacy policy ("Policy") outlines which information we collect when you ("You" or "Your") access and use the website, mobile application (the "App"), products, and services provided by us (which, together, are referred to as the "Services"), and how we protect and use it. The Policy also wishes to make sure that You are aware of the options available to You when You access and use our Services.

Please take a moment to familiarize Yourself with the Policy before using Our Services. Feel free to email Us at "", if You have any questions.
By accessing or using Our Services, You agree to this Policy and to Our Terms of Service. If You do not agree to this Policy or Terms of Service, please do not access or otherwise use Our Services or any information contained herein.

We may not know if We collect or maintain Personal Information from persons under 18 years-of- age. If we learn that Personal Information of persons under 18-years-of-age has been collected, we will take the appropriate steps to cancel that user's account and/or access to the Services.


By downloading and using the App and by utilizing our Service, You have given Us Your consent for Us to collect Your Personal Information.
It is important to remember that We only collect what We require and to use such Personal Information for the purposes stipulated in this Policy and Terms and Conditions where you are bound as a party. Your Personal Information we collect includes as follows:



Your name, date of birth, ID number

We need this in order to keep the information for the needs of recording Your commission and performance, verifying Your identity among others.

Your mobile phone number, email address and address

We will contact and update you with policy, service, claims, availability in your region, and news-related communications. We may share Your phone number with Our service providers who need to coordinate with you.

Your payment information This is needed to process your payment. Since We use a third-party payment processor, we have only limited information about Your payment transactions.
Social Media account We may need Your social media account subject that it is permitted by the access of such account. The purpose is to expand the Fuse’ Partner community.
Contact/Address book You may use Your contact list to ease the
creation of a Fuse community or to invite
others to Fuse.
App and device usage statistics We may collect data from Your smartphone. We aggregate and anonymize this data to look for statistical patterns that can help Us give You, and all Our users, more precise rates and coverage, as well as to improve overall performance and experience.
A short video or photos This helps us verify your identity.
Location information from devices using
We may use the location information collected from your device to enhance Your use of the Fuse services by providing You with relevant content and contextual advertising.
Location information is considered as sensitive data. You can change the privacy settings of your device at any time, in order to turn off the functionality to share location information through the App and/or the website. Please note that turning off location sharing may affect certain features of our Services.

Information about You above hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information" server the purpose of identifying You as a user of the Application. Personal Information may be provided by You directly (for example, when You register Yourself as a user of the Application) or automatically collected when You use the Application.


By downloading and using the App and by utilizing Our Service, You have given Us Your consent for Us to collect and use Your Personal Information. We may disclose Personal Information to third parties to support Us and/ or on Our behalf to: (i) develop the App, manage database, analyze or upgrade Services (ii) perform related services (including but not limited to maintenance, database processing, web analysis, and feature perfecting services); (iii) assist Us in analyzing how the App and Services are used as well as their development; (iv) assist Our professional advisor or external auditor, including legal advisor, financial advisor, and consultants. These third parties have access over Your Personal Information only to perform those tasks for Us and/ or on Our behalf and are already pass Our assessment impact of Personal Information transfer as well as contractually bound not to disclose or use the Personal Information for any other purpose.

We will disclose Your Personal Information to the extent it is required by law or required to comply with the provisions of the laws and regulations, government institutions, or in case of a dispute, or any form of legal proceeding between You and Us, or relating to the Service, or in an emergency condition.

Your Personal Information may be transferred, stored, used, and processed in a jurisdiction other than Vietnam where Our servers are located.


Except for other regulations of law:

Your Rights

  1. You have the right to be informed relating to the processing of Personal Information, agree or not agree to the processing of Personal Information and also withdraw such consent.

  2. You have the right to access for viewing, modify, erase or request the erasure of Personal Information.

  3. You have the right to restriction of Personal Information processing.

  4. You have the right to request Us to provide Personal Information to You.

  5. You have the right to object to processing of Personal Information.

  6. You have the right to complaint, denunciation and initiation of lawsuits in accordance with


  7. You have the right to request compensation for damage in accordance with law upon the

    breaches of Personal Information protection.

  8. You have the right to self-defense or request competent agencies or organizations to

    implement methods of protection your right in accordance with law.

Your Obligations

  1. You must self-protect, request other relevant parties to protect Personal Information.

  2. You must respect and protect other’s personal information.

  3. You must provide complete and accurate Personal Information upon consent to the

    Personal Information processing.

  4. You must comply with the law on personal data protection, participate in propaganda,

    prevention and fighting of breaches of personal data protection regulation.


We reserve the right to discontinue or modify any aspect of the Services at any time. This Policy, together with our Terms of Service and any other legal notices published by us on our website and in the App, shall constitute the entire agreement between us concerning the Services. If any provision of this Policy is deemed invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Policy, which shall remain in full force and effect. However, in that situation, this Policy shall be interpreted so as to give effect, to the greatest extent consistent with, and permitted by, applicable law, to the meaning and intention of the excluded provision as determined by such court of competent jurisdiction.

This Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.

Does Fuse share my information with others?
We are cautious in disclosing Your Personal Information to other parties and We only disclose Your Personal Information for the purposes mentioned in this Policy and Terms and Conditions where You are bound as a party. We may disclose your Personal Information for the purpose of App development, database management, Service analysis, or improvement.

How does Fuse protect my information?

We treat Your Personal Information with confidentiality standards as if those are Our own unless such Personal Information is required to be disclosed as stipulated in this Policy.

How does Fuse communicate with its Partners?

We primarily send You, our Partner, message through email and the Fuse App. Certain email communication related to your account and claims must be delivered and do not include an unsubscribe option. Please ensure that the email we have on record is accurate. You can manage app notifications through your device settings.

Who should use the Fuse website and App?

Our products and services are intended for anyone 18 years of age; we do not market any products or services to any person under 18 years of age. If we become aware that information is or has been submitted by or collected from a person under 18 years of age, we will delete this information.

Will Fuse ever change this Privacy Policy?

As Fuse evolves, We may need to update this policy. No matter what we change, we will always maintain our commitment to protecting your privacy. We will post all revisions, along with their effective dates. We recommend that you check this page often to make sure you're familiar with the latest policy. To the extent it is permitted by the prevailing rules and regulations, please note that your continued use of the App and Service after any change means that you agree with, and consent to be bound by, the new Privacy Policy.

This policy last updated on 27 June 2023

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