What if I forgot my password?If you forgot your password or entered an incorrect password, follow the steps below:
- Click ""Forgot Password?“ on login page.
- Next you will be asked to input the registered mobile phone number then press the ""Send OTP Code"" button.
- We will send the OTP Code by SMS and input the code.
- You will be asked to fill in a new password then press the ""Change Password"" button.
- The final process is to enter your new password at the login page.


How to share links to friends?This is an easy call!
- Click the ""Invite Friends"" icon on the home page of the Fuse Pro application OR Click the ""Invite Friends"" icon on the Fuse Pro application home page.
- There are several options to share your Referral Code by Zalo, Facebook, Share Link, and Scan QR Code.


Are there any targets to achieve my bonus?There is no specific target to get a bonus because you will immediately get the bonus after selling one insurance product. You can make your own target. The more sales, the more bonuses you get.

How long do I receive a bonus after making a sale?We will pay bonus to you after the policy status has been paid. While the points will be paid within 1x24 hours (1 working day).

How long does it take to withdraw my bonus?Our Finance team will take no more than 2x24 hours (2 working days) to process your payment.


When my policy documents will be sent?The e-policy will be sent within 1x24 hours (1 working day) by email after payment is verified.

What if there is a change of data in the middle of the policy period?To changes the data please contact our Customer Service at 02873008803 or email to cs@fuse.com.vn.

How do I find out the status of the policy ordered through the Fuse Pro application?Easy pitzy. You can see the status of the policy ordered by clicking on the ""Policy"" icon on the home page.


How do I cancel an order?You can cancel the order by contact our Customer Service at 02873008803 or email cs@fuse.com.vn Our team will inform you if the cancellation has been success.

How long will I receive a refund for the canceled policy?Refunds will be made a maximum of 21 (twenty one) working days after the refund process is approved by the relevant insurance company and Fuse Pro receives a refund notification from you provided that during the current policy period a claim has never been made.

Have my funds been returned in full?Refunds will be calculated on a prorated basis from the time the insurance company or Fuse Pro receives a refund notification from you."

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